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Labyrinth Walking Meditation, amazing journey…

This meditation is special, powerful.. It takes place in a labyrinth. Don’t be afraid ! These is only one path, only one way… You can’t lose yourself ! But you will find you in the center ! Please, enter & feel !

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Text of the meditation : I am at the threshold of the labyrinth. I calm myself down. I pay attention to my breathing. I am in the here and now. I have the firm intention of going to the Centre of myself.

I start to walk on the first journey. I become aware of my steps. I am listening to the body, to its mechanics. I welcome it, I listen to it. Does it have tensions? I carry my breath towards these tensions, while walking, calmly, consciously.

The bend is approaching for the second journey. I go a little deeper into myself. I leave the outside world a little more. Noises become music, a rumour. I continue to improve listening to my inner voice. I go to meet my internal emotions. I envelop them with my Love.

The bend is approaching for the third journey. I go even deeper into myself. I am going towards that which is at the root of my being. I feel alive. I listen to the Life within me. I make myself receptive to energy, my energy. Warmth, colour, sensation, circulation, I try to imagine the Life in me.

I have arrived! It’s here! I am in Me, with my Body, my Spirit and my Soul. Listening to myself, my self-benevolence, my self-confidence and my own gratitude have rectified me and I have discovered my Occult Stone. I am in a place where no one can come. No one can come to take what is here, I am the only one who can penetrate it. Aware of this, I am going back to the World.

I am embarking on the third journey. Now that I have grasped the energy of Life, I imagine it running through my whole body during the walk. I make it rise from the Earth to the top of my head; then descend from Heaven to my feet.

Going round the bend for the 2nd journey, I get a little closer to the World. I receive its music, its beauty, its energy. With my inner experience, I can welcome the energy of the World, the energy of the Earth, of plants, trees, other humans, rocks, animals… I am at peace with the World.

The 2nd journey is over and I start the 1st journey the last one before the exit. I am grateful for my body which serves as a terrestrial vehicle. Thanks to this I can live in the World, act, build… I am preparing to return to its chaos since it is there that I work. I am serene, I am going to unfold the treasure I have found in my heart.

And now, here I am. I ‘ve come out of the labyrinth. I am in the World and I am also Mine.I have reached the third point of equilibrium…

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